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Postby Alessa9 on 14 Jul 2011, 15:45

jollychick wrote:Really good advice!! Never really thought about going to the class anyway, but I'll give it a try. Ha ha ha...the words 'Grad School' sound like some sort of profanity right about now :o . But I also had the same problem of needing to take some biology classes and labs at the same time but somehow the lab was now I have to take separately at a later date! A few years back, I was even allowed to take a 4000 level (senior) class even though I was clearly a freshman. The class was crazy hard too :cry: . The things one must go through for education...

Heheh. I did that too. I took a 400 level class back in the summer after my freshman year and totally aced it. Hope you get into the class. If not, you can try again next semester. Best of luck!
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