Realization that Mangas can be based on novels

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Realization that Mangas can be based on novels

Postby amina9898 on 16 Jun 2011, 07:04

Heres a funny story..or at least i think so....

Today i opened up and began reading a random book, without even looking at the title or summery. The only thing i know about this book is that its a romance book, and lets be honest here, i love reading them.
Here is a color code so you can follow along better, blue is me and red is the text in the book

The story begins in a train heading to Rome. Around page two i read,
“She wondered exactly what kind of description of her they had: Name, Sarah Conroy, but answers only to Holly; a young woman in her late twenties, tall, perhaps a little too slim, with light brown hair cut short, blue eyes and a face with nothing special about it: a face that hadn’t lived very much”
“without warning, the blind beside her flew up and she found herself staring straight at a little girl”
…wait, this sounds familiar…
“”I was wondering when the judge would be returning” Berta said. Holly grew tense. “Judge?” she asked. “Liza’s father is judge Matteo Fallucci.””
…ok, I know I’ve seen this scenario before...
I hurry up and access the internet
Type in the address bar
Search mangas under Harlequin
Stop at the title Kodoku na Fugou aka One Summer in Italy…
Look at the title of the book. They match.
Look at the author of the book, then of the author of the manga. They match.
Make the miracles discovery that they are actually one of the same story, and learn that manga can be based on books.

****Disclaimer, none of the quotes are mine or are made by me all are from the book One Summer in Italy… by Lucy Gordon****
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Re: Realization that Mangas can be based on novels

Postby sherlover on 16 Jun 2011, 08:23

hi u know that most of the these mangas are based on novels here i have given a link where if u click on the names of the any manga you will get common tags (based on novel,harlequin)

in fact i think that all these stories originated as novels first and are later depicted as harlequins are originally novels!!! thats what i think... lets here out others who may know something about this
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Re: Realization that Mangas can be based on novels

Postby bakaneko on 16 Jun 2011, 16:22

hahahahahahha yeah, sometimes ppl missed the HARLEQUIN bits.. they didn't make the connection.. to anyone who didn't realised the connection yet, yes, those Harlequin mangas ARE based on those Harlequin romance novels... that's why they are called HARLEQUIN MANGA.. :D
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Re: Realization that Mangas can be based on novels

Postby cookiemonsterpower on 17 Jun 2011, 15:52

The world is a small place..... 8-)
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Re: Realization that Mangas can be based on novels

Postby jollychick on 22 Jun 2011, 14:47

LOL! I made the same realization before as well. Great stuff! :lol:
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