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Re: Opinion on Harlequin comics

Postby mokona on 18 Feb 2011, 05:08

I get a laugh because despite reading romance novels I roll my eyes and stay away from the type of harlequin books that are made into manga because they are so short and kind of cliche but when they are made into manga I love them because they really are the perfect length for a one shot manga and they are simplified since most of the crap that annoys me in book for is either cut or is negated by being drawn. Wow run on sentence yay me. :D :oops:
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Re: Opinion on Harlequin comics

Postby Sarcasticyetsexy on 18 Feb 2011, 18:15


I'm from the UK and Harlequin to us is known as Mills and Boons, I have't read some titles for a while but to me the entire franchise appeals to my inner romantic. Love Conquering all (including arrogant jerks with too much power and money)

So far out of the manga interpretations I am loving Cinderella no Kake, after all what girl doesn't love to have a make over that would knock men's socks off and Kedakaki Yakusoku.

Just the woman bashing their heads with the men make me laugh!
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Re: Opinion on Harlequin comics

Postby cupidheart on 19 Feb 2011, 03:37

I really like these. It feels like i'm reading old classics
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Re: Opinion on Harlequin comics

Postby innesfree on 19 Feb 2011, 08:09

I really love Harlequin comics as I really love the Harlequin novel series themselves. I own a lot from the Harlequin as well as Mills and Boon novel collection. It is undeniable that most of the series ended up with marriage or proposal but I like story that have happy ending so it is worth my time.
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Re: Opinion on Harlequin comics

Postby traceandtiff on 20 Feb 2011, 03:07

Love them! I went on a period drama spree a while ago, and it's strange how cliche works so well for it. Gives you that warm fuzzy feeling for me c:
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Re: Opinion on Harlequin comics

Postby bluewhale9 on 20 Feb 2011, 18:17

I like them but on the other hand I also like alot of the mangakas original works but their so different. For instance if you look at most novels turned into manga the story and plot can be very different from a manga that came just from the mangaka.
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Re: Opinion on Harlequin comics

Postby norhane on 20 Feb 2011, 21:50

i love Harlequin comics but sometimes i wish the story would be longer than 2 volumes. i don't know why but i kinda get the feeling that sometime it is too rushed. but i still love it though :D
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Re: Opinion on Harlequin comics

Postby MsMusik on 20 Feb 2011, 23:10

Harlequin comics are amazing! I do wish sometimes the stories were longer becuase they seem to end too abruptly. Also, some of the storylines seem a too cliche and rushed, however most are not the case. :)
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Re: Opinion on Harlequin comics

Postby lilymaeg on 20 Feb 2011, 23:15

I didn't really think I'd like these, but now I'm hooked. :D
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Re: Opinion on Harlequin comics

Postby Ferbalicious on 28 Feb 2011, 20:27

lilymaeg wrote:I didn't really think I'd like these, but now I'm hooked. :D

Same here. Although I love a good romance but I dislike the ones that are too mushy or sappy :p.
I always look at the cover first and those novels always have a typical cover(at least the ones I always see); A woman swooning in the arms of muscled man and when I see such a cover I have the immediate urge to put it back on the bookshelf.
So I didn't think, I would be reading those...but here I am, completely hooked ^^

It's nice, reading such a fairytale, once in a while...
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