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Re: Opinion on Harlequin comics

Postby fang on 15 Feb 2011, 04:40


i'm new here. i really love shoujo mangas but in a way, i also dislike them. because the stories are so beautifully drawn and it gives off strong emotions. makes me envious of their fairy tale enging. :| .. wish i had a prince charming to sweep me off my feet :D

while i dont have any dislike of any of the harlequin comics, i really love the ones with royalty in them. i dont know why, which i just like those..
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Re: Opinion on Harlequin comics

Postby mangakit on 15 Feb 2011, 05:36

I would say I adore Harlequin comics, though not all, mind you.

Good art is a prequisite, otherwise I might as well read a nove, right?

'No competition' is pretty good, as I suppose I prefer josei, being an adult myself.
There's an author which I hope whose works will get translated, i.e. Yoriko Minato. I'm dying to read the dialogue as the storyline seems pretty interesting.
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Re: Opinion on Harlequin comics

Postby sherlover on 16 Feb 2011, 09:47

The novels are really cheesy and kind of predictable but i love all the projects you are taking up they have changed my vision of harlequin.im glad i came across this site :)
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Re: Opinion on Harlequin comics

Postby Kimochi on 16 Feb 2011, 10:42

In general, Harlequin manga/novels are cheesy and predictable. However, despite all that, I still love them. ^_^ Yes, it can be unrealistic and we KNOW the couple will end up happily married but...it's nice to just relax to a good Harlequin story. It's a nice break away from stress and reality. They're short, simple, and oh so sweet. ^.^ (Course, one must wonder why these gallant, charming men in Harlequin stories are never actually around in real life when you need them. Shucks. >_>)
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Re: Opinion on Harlequin comics

Postby rika_suzu on 16 Feb 2011, 12:55

I just love the short story plots embodied with so much passion! I do sometimes wish it had one or two sequels but overall, wonderful. I still cannot pick because i feel like i haven't read enough though... I will get back to the favorites and not!
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Re: Opinion on Harlequin comics

Postby xxOljenkaxx on 16 Feb 2011, 17:53

the storyline is almost the same every time, but i like such a storyline :mrgreen:
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Re: Opinion on Harlequin comics

Postby mystic2101 on 17 Feb 2011, 03:10

The are definitely a quick read, and a quick smile, but they kind of lack on the story component...most of the time I feel like I've missed out on something, or something is missing.
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Re: Opinion on Harlequin comics

Postby Isiss on 17 Feb 2011, 04:58

Thank's to them I've discovered a "romantic" side of me
I love manga/manhwa so it's a perfect combo!!!
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Re: Opinion on Harlequin comics

Postby Elina on 17 Feb 2011, 20:58

To my mind, Harlequin comics are the best. It is true that the end is always predictable, however it makes me want to dream about love even if it will never happen in the reality.
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Re: Opinion on Harlequin comics

Postby blanblah on 17 Feb 2011, 23:52

I don't know about a favorite out of the ones I've read, but as a whole, I love them. I mean, they are predictable, often times with a similar storyline, and the art isn't always that great, but there is something about them that I love. Maybe it's the romantic in me or the fact that I love happy endings. Either way, reading them has become a bit of a guilty pleasure I suppose.
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