Most HATED manga/anime character and why?

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Most HATED manga/anime character and why?

Postby bakaneko on 30 May 2011, 00:52

Okay, we have fave character threads, so we need to balance it out with most hated character from any manga/anime series... it can be either male or female and pls tell us what's make that character is annoying/hated? bombs away! lol
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Re: Most HATED manga/anime character and why?

Postby sherlover on 30 May 2011, 05:04

i think it would be ...the brother of female lead from desire climax..i dont remember the guys name ...i didnt like him ...well because of his character and desire to make everything his by hook or crook(even his love)...for that purpose he even became a victim of his own dirty tricks(serves him right)
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