Kimi Nakute/Color of Desire

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Kimi Nakute/Color of Desire

Postby Ferbalicious on 22 May 2011, 19:24

For the people who already read this manga, I'm curious about your opinion on it because frankly I thought it was the worst harlequin manga/story I've ever read...
*Stupid male lead, calling himself "Black Morgan" (who adressess himself in the 3rd person =.=)
*Suddenly her legs aren't mentioned anymore
*"If you decide you don't want me anymore, that would be fine with me" "No woman has said that to me before" Who would be even happy to hear that?!

But maybe I'm just overreacting xD so please share your thoughts on this manga

(one last comment xD, the guy looked sometimes like he was wearing eyeliner)
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Re: Kimi Nakute

Postby aiMiXue on 22 May 2011, 19:50

In my opinion,
I thought it was the worst.

I rate: BAD
The male lead was such a meanie! :x
I found no romance between the two. Just sex.
I couldn't even read it thoroughly...
Was it suppose to be inspiring?!
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Re: Kimi Nakute

Postby Nintai on 22 May 2011, 20:04

me too i though that of all the harlequin i read till now it was the worst
i hope the next one is better ;)
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Re: Kimi Nakute

Postby sherlover on 23 May 2011, 06:13

i think there was lack of proper execution...this story would have been good if there was character development like why did the male lead become that way ..and the feelings were not properly potrayed like how the male lead wanted her yet he thought he was bad for her...

so with little improvements this story would have been good.
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Re: Kimi Nakute/Color of Desire

Postby bakaneko on 25 May 2011, 23:43

yeah, it has to do with it being too short and no room for character or plot development... the idea for the story was good enough, in fact it was one of the better harlequin manga i've read so far but it was too rushed..

i guess this story might do better as book or normal shoujo manga so it can be longer, but not as a short harlequin manga.. if i was a few chapters longer it would of been better... i believe if they started off with some background story of their past and maybe show later that they got her feet fixed or something it would of made more sense...
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Re: Kimi Nakute/Color of Desire

Postby rubenz on 26 May 2011, 02:19

Agree with all of you, I rate it BAD too, I found no romance and passion there. Need to find the original book and read it, maybe the mangaka captured the whole things wrongly or something :D
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Re: Kimi Nakute/Color of Desire

Postby tonie30 on 27 May 2011, 18:18

i agree with everyone i hated wasting braincells on this story i thought it was stupid from start to finish as soon as i finished reading it i immediately deleted it i thought if i kept reading it would get better but it didnt it got worse i give it 2 thumbs down this was just as bad as naruto movie the lost tower was a waste of film
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Re: Kimi Nakute/Color of Desire

Postby Polilachi on 07 Jul 2011, 02:35

Hi guys, I agree with all of you... And I've already read the originals story... Don't waste your time, it's poorly done. The guy is just too irritating, the girl spend all her time feeling sorry for herself. In the end, they just have sex and it makes believe that everything turns right... I thing the only good character was the nun... lol :D
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Re: Kimi Nakute/Color of Desire

Postby yeceniac on 11 Jul 2011, 03:48

yeah I agree it could have been a little better, but over all I think it was ok, not great or awesome sadly :( hopefully the other ones that come out are way better.
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Re: Kimi Nakute/Color of Desire

Postby mangakit on 27 Jul 2011, 04:16

I think it was one of the worst HQ mangas I've read. Didn't like anything about it at all.
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