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Favorite Movies/TV Shows

Postby blanblah on 11 Oct 2011, 17:52

We have lots of other favorites including anime, so I thought why not ask about regular movies and TV shows. So what are your favorite kinds (Comedy, Action, Romance, Fantasy, etc.) or just name a few that you like.
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Re: Favorite Movies/TV Shows

Postby blanblah on 11 Oct 2011, 18:04

Personally... I love fantasy stuff. I love comedy though too and some scary movies. Romances can be good too. In fact, I love to watch movies with at least a LITTLE romance. To list a few movies I'd have to say... Blood Trinity, Clue: The Movie (its amazing lol), Dirty Dancing, Four Brothers, Jaws (I have a shark obsession lol), Harry Potter Series, Lord Of The Rings, Underworld Series, V for Vendetta, Van Helsing, X-men Movies.

TV wise, I really am into the cop kind of shows. I love Law & Order: SVU and Criminal Intent, Cold Case, Bones, The Closer, the true crime shows as well where they look at real cases and solve them. Ghost Whisperer is good too. Strangely, I also like to watch Hoarders and Extreme Couponers. I just find it amazing that people live that way or can buy like $1,000 worth of stuff for nothing (Yes, it has been done... craziness!).

This is all just a small list though. I tend to put on the TV when I'm writing or browsing the internet for background noise. I like to just watch whatever. I also love like the discovery and history channel. Some of the shows can be really interesting.
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Re: Favorite Movies/TV Shows

Postby aerysa on 12 Oct 2011, 00:13

You would have thought this subject came up earlier... But I guess not.

Anyways, for movies, I like action-y stuff... Suspense, thriller, action... Whatever you call it. haha, things like The Tourist. I find romance or rom-coms pretty cliche and boring. That's not to say all of them are bad. I'm not huge on watching movies at all.

For TV, I like crime-based series! Things like CSI, Criminal Minds and Law & Order. My favourite one right now is Castle. I sometimes watch stuff on History/Discovery channel.

Besides that, I watch Chinese shows since we have Chinese channel :mrgreen: For those ones, I like the ones in the historical setting, but I will watch the random modern setting ones too. Just depends on the storyline.
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Re: Favorite Movies/TV Shows

Postby silvery on 12 Oct 2011, 00:37

Not a big movie buff either. so far i've been watching a lot of action adventure, cause those are the only things my brother (aka my movie partner) will watch. Comedies are also a favourite.

As for TV shows, crime based ones such as CSI and Bones are my favourite, along with The Mentalist and Lie to me. I'm also a big fan of cooking shows. Watching chefs cook up something yummy is so much fun, even better if the chef's hawt... XD

Don't get to watch TV much, so i normally watch from DVDs at my own leisure. Is also a big fan of J-dramas, but usually comedy based ones (trying to understand medical/sciency dramas in Japanese gives me a headache... :| )
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Re: Favorite Movies/TV Shows

Postby jeannemiki on 12 Oct 2011, 22:56

well i`ll watch nearly anything except horror can`t handle that but i like whheenn i watch TV Dr.House Big Bang Theory CSI Bones but honestly don`t watch TV much mostly hooked on Japanese and Korean stuff right now i`m watching Warrior Baek Dong Soo and Barairo no Seisen and whole bunch of others hoping to pick up more of the languages and slowly but surly getting a hang of them

as for movies hhmm haven't seen one in a long time
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Re: Favorite Movies/TV Shows

Postby sailorrose50563 on 16 Oct 2011, 03:00

I currently work 3-midnight most days right now so I don't watch too much tv. I always seem to be watching NCIS or Law & Order during the day when not listening to the news. Otherwise I really look forward to watching Top Shot every week.

As far as movies, I lean more toward fantasy movies, mysteries and romcoms. I do occasionally watch comic book movies, but normally find the fanatic who complains all through the movie.
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Re: Favorite Movies/TV Shows

Postby beenz on 05 Nov 2011, 21:39

I have quite a few favorite show. Most of them I have to download to watch or watch online.
How to make it in America & True Blood (HBO - I don't have, download to watch), The Gifted Man, American Horror Story ( S1 just started, seems to be ok so far), Top Model, Top Chef, Project Runway, Hells Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, Being Human (BBC version), Vampire Diaries, The Dead Files, Paranormal Witness, The Secret Circle, Two and Half Men, My Ghost Story, Celebrity Ghost Stories, Dark Matters Twisted But True... Damn, I just realize I watch alot scary stuff.
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Re: Favorite Movies/TV Shows

Postby kookoo on 06 Dec 2011, 08:59

i'm only going to mention my all time favourite tv show. and that would be friends. its something i can watch over and over again. Doesn't matter if i know the episode in side out i can still watch it again.
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Re: Favorite Movies/TV Shows

Postby hikafuumi_shiouri on 07 Dec 2011, 10:31

My current favorite TV show right now would be the British show called Misfits. I have way too many faves the list.
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Re: Favorite Movies/TV Shows

Postby 4Stars on 16 Dec 2011, 05:29

I like shows that have to do with criminal investigations and scientific research, like Fringe, C.S.I., N.C.I.S., Law & Order. Medium, Lie To Me, and Heroes were also good. Right now I'm watching Weeds and Merlin, and The Event looks interesting as well. Babs
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