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Re: FAV manga character FEMALE

Postby quiche on 03 Jul 2011, 09:29

My number one favs would be Kyoko from skip beat, Lena from Saver, and 'prince' from 1/2 prince. I would say these three have had the biggest impact in my memory of manga/manhua/manwha. Love them so much!! :D
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Re: FAV manga character FEMALE

Postby hollisterluv on 03 Jul 2011, 17:18

my favorite female manga character would have to be kyoko from skip beat! I like that love is not her first proiority unlike many shoujo manga heroines out there. There are other female manga protoganists that i like, like kiri from beauty pop, and possibly another but I'd have to say i like kyoko the best so far
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Re: FAV manga character FEMALE

Postby romance20 on 16 Jul 2011, 21:01

Fav girls are , Yuri from red river, Hana from hana to akuma & Kira from mars :lol:
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