FAV manga character FEMALE

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FAV manga character FEMALE

Postby sherlover on 29 May 2011, 06:53

hi guys so whose ur fav female character..lovely,smart,heartwarming,polite & rude depending on the situation,tough during hardships, and sometimes naive ^_^

(looses into train of thought)i think it will be kyoko from skip beat :D i really like how she is strong willed at such young age..euda from Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen ...misaki (kaichou)&hikari(special a) :D ..
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Re: FAV manga character FEMALE

Postby Iln on 29 May 2011, 07:49

Yeah me too! I love Kyoko from skip beat, but generally I like strong leading heroine. I can't stand those crybaby, weak one, it makes me sick...
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Re: FAV manga character FEMALE

Postby Gorothadariel on 29 May 2011, 12:41

I think the worst trait a female lead can have is if she doesn't trust her boyfriend or/and doesn't believe in him.
I don't mean that she cannot be jealous.
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Re: FAV manga character FEMALE

Postby crystalite on 30 May 2011, 01:31

I totally agree :D

Strong leading heroines are the best! But actually my fav is Tohru from Fruits Basket because she resolves everything for everyone and makes everyone feel that life has a meaning. Although she is clumsy, she has her own way of doing things! I miss Furuba so much now! :cry: may be i'll go read it again...
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Re: FAV manga character FEMALE

Postby Alessa9 on 31 May 2011, 13:54

Misaki from Kaichou Wa Maid-sama! I also love Kyoko from Skip Beat! and Yuki from Vampire Knight. I love characters that are strong and funny at the same time.
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Re: FAV manga character FEMALE

Postby anoni on 09 Jun 2011, 23:39

kyoko from skip beat.....yuki from vampire knight! Aoi from Ldk!!!Chiwa from hapi mari!!!!

I love cute but kind of strong women!
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Re: FAV manga character FEMALE

Postby Di27 on 12 Jun 2011, 16:23

ok i love alot of female anime characters i mean they all have their own little quirks that makes you sooo attached but my fave all time female manga charachter would have to be i just love her to bits and this is one of the rare instances that i'd prefer the english voice actress!!
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Re: FAV manga character FEMALE

Postby amina9898 on 16 Jun 2011, 07:34

This is a very hard question, but i agree with everyone above, i love strong, independent female leads. Here are only some of my favs females
Kyoko from skip beat - Misaki from Kaichou Wa Maid-sama - Mafuyu from ORESAMA TEACHER
Feng Lan from 1/2 prince - Kanoko from WARAU KANOKO-SAMA
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Re: FAV manga character FEMALE

Postby lrose on 24 Jun 2011, 09:15

FAV manga character FEMALEto me:
- Yuuki - Vampire Knight
- Lena - Saver
- Hyun-bin - Love in the Mask
- Yashi/Iaxi - Knight princess
- Lele- The One
Not sure about the main character in Lost in London yet.
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Re: FAV manga character FEMALE

Postby jollychick on 30 Jun 2011, 18:59

I guess I would go with Maria from Devil and Her Love Song, Teru from Dengeki Daisy, Haruhi from High School Host Club and Chiwa from Hapi Mari. They're all very different but I like them all the same.
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