Do you guys read novels?

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Re: Do you guys read novels?

Postby romance20 on 02 Aug 2011, 01:39

i am a reading nut, i love books. my fav is romance and autors are, katie macalister, j.d.robb,
and lynsay sands. and right now i'm in the middle of reading the raine barnes series.
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Re: Do you guys read novels?

Postby moongoddess on 02 Aug 2011, 04:24

mayaya wrote:Im currently reading Jane Eyre, i started reading it the same day the movie was released in USA, and i didn't even now there was a new movie coming out xDD

This was one of my absolute favourites. I have read quite a few other classic novels like The Time Machine, The Secret Garden, Sense and Sensibility ...

I like romance novels but also adventure stories. I am an avid reader and the my most recent book is called The Left Hand of God by Paul Hoffman.
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Re: Do you guys read novels?

Postby Tuuli on 05 Feb 2012, 22:13

I love to read, and do, every day. When I was younger I was really stuck on old fashioned fantasy, and read it almost exclusively. I some point my library didn't have anything new to offer me on that department so I was forced to expand ^^. I discovered e-books only about six years ago but I'm completely hooked now, I wouldn't know what to do without them. My favourite genres include urban fantasy, historical, mystery, classics, crime, chick lit, fantasy, and even mushy silly romance on moderate doses.

Authors I adore, and would recommend any day, include: Ilona Andrews, Kaari Utrio, Terry Pratchett, Richard Adams, Margaret Atwood, Sue Harrison, Charlaine Harris and many others.
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